Dell notebook

Just complaining…

Some time ago I bought Latitude D620 and was completelly happy about it – it was fast, relatively small and not too heavy. And everything was working. Until I’ve re-installed the operating system. Even with Dell drivers I don’t have bluetooth now, I had approximatelly a week of hardcode fucking with wi-fi, and it is overheating now. Even when idle. If I’ll install Linux will it explode?

I can’t believe things can be such bad in 21th century!


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3 Responses to “Dell notebook”

  1. John@Dell Says:

    I am a support analyst at Dell headquarters.

    The symptoms you’re describing here shouldn’t be the result of reinstalling the operating system. What OS did you install? That overheating issue is a troublesome one, and definitely shouldn’t be linked to an OS installation.

    If you decide to install Linux, I can say with certainty that it will not cause a system explosion, but I can’t really assure you that all the hardware will be supported.

    Dell Customer Advocate

  2. rerepi Says:

    Yes, I know that shouldn’t be the OS problem. I’ve disassembled the notebook, removed a lot of dust out of it and now I have approx 55C idle CPU temp but still rising to 70 and above when both cores are 100% loaded.

    Also, I had to install some third-party software to force cooler to 4K rpm on high load.

    Remark about the Linunx was a joke.

  3. John@Dell Says:

    Yeah, I knew it was a joke ;-)

    Can you see my email? Feel free to contact me there, if you can. If not, contact me at our group mailbox:

    I’ll give you my internal address from there.

    Dell Customer Advocate

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