Adding new entry into /etc/periodic/

Did you know that you can easily add new time intervals into the system’s periodic feature?

Let’s add /etc/periodic/hourly as the example:

#> mkdir /etc/periodic/hourly 
#> # creating the crontab entry to run scripts at 25 minutes every hour 
#> echo "25	*	*	*	*	root	periodic hourly" >> /etc/crontab

into /etc/periodic.conf:

hourly_output="root"				# user or /file
weekly_show_success="NO"			# scripts returning 0
weekly_show_info="YES"				# scripts returning 1
weekly_show_badconfig="NO"			# scripts returning 2

That’s all. We are done! Now you can place executable scripts into /etc/periodic/hourly and they will run every hour under root account.


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